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Clinical Trials Show Notoginseng Supports Cardiovascular Health

June 30, 2020

Clinical Trials Show Notoginseng Supports Cardiovascular Health

Farlong Pharmaceutical sponsored a clinical trial with promising results for people seeking to improve heart health in an all-natural manner. The double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized parallel study was conducted by KGK Science, Inc. in collaboration with Yunnan PanLongYunHai Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. to analyze the effectiveness of Farlong Pharmaceutical's own proprietary Notoginseng supplement for helping blood pressure and cholesterol to achieve and maintain normal levels.

One-hundred adult men and women from 18 to 75 years old and in good health participated in the study. Researchers split them randomly into two groups, giving one group Farlong Pharmaceutical's Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng Extract and the other group a placebo containing turmeric, rice flour and magnesium stearate. Starting with a baseline and over the course of the 12-week study, the researchers calculated each participant's serum LDL-C, aka "bad cholesterol." They also measured participants' triglycerides, blood pressure, endothelial vasodilation, total cholesterol and HDL-C, aka "good cholesterol," starting with a baseline and measuring through week eight of the study, then again one last time on week 12. The study also included a four-week run-in period involving a therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) diet.

According to the results, bad cholesterol went significantly down in participants taking the Notoginseng. In addition, good cholesterol went up slightly in those participants. The group receiving the placebo, meanwhile, also had lower blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, and lower good cholesterol. The researchers suggested that these conditions, if not addressed, could ultimately lead to cardiovascular disease.

Based on these results, researchers determined that Farlong's Ginseng Plus®Notoginseng showed a helpful potential effect on lowering cardiovascular disease risk and is tolerated well by the body.

The Notoginseng in Farlong Pharmaceutical's Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng Extract is a special proprietary type made specifically as a supplement for heart health. It contains notoginsenoside R1 that is unique to Notoginseng along with other most potent components in ginseng, namely ginsenoside Rg1 and ginsenoside Rb1. It also contains minor ginsenosides like Re, Rd, Rg3 and Rg2. These provide nutritional support to cardiovascular function, including circulation.

The study started on July 20, 16. The estimated primary completion date was February 28, 2020 and the estimated study completion date is May 30, 2020. In addition to cardiovascular benefits, Farlong's proprietary ginseng can help provide relief from neuromuscular pain, including soothing sore muscles after exercise, and supports both the nervous system and muscular system overall, as well as the liver. As with all Farlong Pharmaceutical products, the ginseng in this supplement was grown on Farlong's 6,000-acre farm under GAP and CGMP compliant growing and processing conditions and was third-party laboratory tested for quality.