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Characteristics Healthy Individuals Share

November 10, 2020

Characteristics Healthy Individuals Share

You can tell a lot about your health by examining a few key characteristics.


Physical Characteristics


Healthy Posture and Weight

 One sign of health is a balanced BMI, or body mass index. A measurement of the ratio of your height to weight, it can tell you whether you are of a healthy weight for your height or are underweight or overweight. A healthy weight can be instrumental for heart health, among other vital aspects of your total wellness. A healthy posture can indicate whether or not you have healthy joints.


Healthy Teeth, Gums, Nails, Eyes, and Hair


Teeth and Gums

 You need a complete set of healthy, strong teeth to properly chew and digest the food you eat. Without them, you could find yourself easily malnourished. Moreover, unhealthy gums can lead to a host of more severe health conditions and diseases, including the brain, heart, and nervous system. Without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can build up in the mouth and cause infection.



 The state of your nails can alert you to many systemic health problems, including, but not limited to, those of the skin. 



 Clear eyes are another sign of a healthy person, while redness, swelling, dullness, and dilated pupils can indicate poor health. Eyes should also move smoothly and naturally, not oddly or erratically.



 Thin, dry, branching hair can indicate health concerns like malnutrition and a thyroid deficiency. Thick and vibrant hair, by contrast, can indicate good health.


Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Characteristics

 A positive attitude is essential to staying healthy and avoiding the physical, mental and emotional compulsions, tendencies, and habits that can drag your health down. Staying upbeat allows you to handle adversity well and face challenges proactively. Developing positive, healthy habits is key to building a healthy and productive life. 


Sufficient sleep

 Getting enough deep, restful, and uninterrupted sleep every night is essential for health. Insufficient sleep can impact your energy levels, including mental and physical performance and stamina, and your immunity to disease. Poor sleep has even been linked to the development of diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. 


Positive social engagement

 To be helpful for your health, your social network doesn't need to be large. It just needs to be consistent, reliable, and mutually fulfilling. Your social life doesn't only provide you fun and enjoyment. It also provides you the human connection you need to feel grounded and supported in life. 

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