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Benefits of Lifeflower for Cognitive Health

November 18, 2020

Benefits of Lifeflower for Cognitive Health

Lifeflower Breviscapine is a flavonoid compound in the Erigeron breviscapus plant, a flowering member of the daisy family. Since the Ming Dynasty era of 1436, the extract of this component has been documented for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for several therapeutic uses, among them cognitive health. 

 In the 1970s, western scientists successfully identified and isolated breviscapine, thereafter using it in hospitals to treat various conditions, including cerebrovascular conditions. Today, anyone can reap the valuable benefits of lifeflower breviscapine in the form of pills and tablets sold over the counter without a prescription.


Cognitive Benefits of Lifeflower Breviscapine

 Lifeflower Breviscapine contains many properties making it a powerful and effective supplement for brain health, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer benefits.


Improved Memory and Learning

 One of the most prominent effects of Lifeflower is to promote healthy brain blood circulation, which means the flow of blood both to and from the brain. By receiving a steady flow of healthy, clean blood from the heart and having a steady outflow of blood containing toxins and impurities to be processed through the vascular system, your brain can stay healthy and strong. That translates to better functioning, including in the all-important prefrontal cortex, which controls functions like learning and memory. 


Increased Physical and Mental Energy

 Toxicity in the brain can cause fuzzy and foggy thinking, which, in turn, can lead to physical lethargy and fatigue. Clear thinking thanks to a healthy flow of blood to and from the brain, and throughout your cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems can help you motivate and perform better. 


Improved Mood

 Removing toxicity from your brain and ensuring it receives steady and consistent brain blood circulation has the added effect of helping you to manage your mood better. Toxicity in the brain can depress the mood, make it difficult to control emotions, and promote erratic and extreme mood swings. 


Protection from Disease

 Studies have found that scutellarin, the active ingredient in breviscapine, has vasodilative, anti-thrombotic, anti-coagulative, and platelet-aggregating properties, giving it potential benefits against diseases and conditions of and affecting the brain like Alzheimer's disease, cerebral infarction (stroke,) angina pectoris, and diabetic nephropathy.


Prevent Premature Aging

 By helping keep the brain healthy, strong, and free of toxins, Lifeflower can help reduce the signs of early aging, such as cognitive decline and impairment. 


Where to Find Lifeflower Breviscapine

 The exclusive provider of U.S. patented Lifeflower Breviscapine, Farlong Pharmaceutical has been selling it as a supplement for brain health in the U.S. for over 20 years. Containing at least 90% scutellarin and grown and manufactured in exclusively GMP- and GAP-certified facilities, Farlong's Lifeflower Breviscapine supplement promises the highest purity and potency.