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Benefits of Lifeflower for Cognitive Health

September 24, 2020

Benefits of Lifeflower for Cognitive Health

Lifeflower is another name for the Erigeron breviscapus plant extract, used in the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries due to its known cerebrovascular benefits. 


Lifeflower's Benefits for Cognitive Health

 In a study reported in 2007 in The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, researchers examined the protective effects of breviscapine and its main active ingredient, the flavone scutellarin, on the heart and brain. They found that both breviscapine and scutellarin improve blood flow and, therefore, the flow of oxygen throughout the body, including the brain. Blood also carries vital nutrients to the brain, while healthy blood flow from the brain helps remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the brain to be eliminated from the body.

 By helping facilitate a steady flow of healthy blood to and from the brain, scutellarin and breviscapine can help improve the health and performance of the brain in several fundamental ways, key among them:


  • Greater mental and physical energy - A poor flow of oxygen to the brain makes thinking and activity sluggish, which is a self-feeding cycle, while improved cerebrovascular activity can help you switch to a healthier cycle of making active choices more supportive of your overall health and wellness, like a better diet, improved sleep and increased exercise.
  • A stronger sense of joy and fulfillment - With greater clarity and energy comes improved mood and ability to maintain emotional balance.
  • Improved memory and learning - Increased blood flow means improved communication across the brain's neural synapses, improving skills like comprehension and recall.


 As mentioned previously, improved blood flow to the brain can also help cleanse and detoxify the brain. This, in turn, can help protect it from injury and disease, such as stroke or heart attack, as well as potentially prevent or slow the progression of mental decline and onset or development of senility, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease. 


Lifeflower Supplements for Cognitive Health

 Farlong Pharmaceutical puts the cognitive power of this herb to work for you in at least two all-natural herbal supplements:

  • Lifeflower Breviscapini
  • Brain Advanced Support

 These 100% natural Farlong supplement for brain health contains 200 mg of Erigeron Breviscapus Extract in every single capsule, promising at least 90% of the main active ingredient scutellarin in each daily dose. 


 A co-owner of and official supplier to the Acupuncture Corporation of America, Farlong Pharmaceutical uses ingredients grown on its own 6,000-acre GAP-certified farm in the Wenshan mountains of China's Yunnan Province and produced and distributed through its own cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities and distribution channels. Farlong's Breviscapine and Brain Advanced Support supplements contain no chemical or artificial ingredients.