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Ancient Chinese Medicine and Anti-Aging Techniques

November 30, 2019

Ancient Chinese Medicine and Anti-Aging Techniques

Everyone ages. It's a natural part of life from which no one is immune. There is, however, a lot you can do to control and influence how healthily you age. Healthy aging is, among other things, slow, incremental, and minimally impactful in how you live your life. To age healthily, you can employ methods gleaned from both western and eastern medicine. One method often promoted is hormone supplementation to compensate for the natural lowering of estrogen and testosterone levels as you age. Another powerful way to reduce the risks of acquiring disabilities and diseases as you age and remain in the best possible health throughout your golden years is to support the health and strength of your kidneys.


TCM, The Kidneys and Aging

 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that the signs and symptoms associated with aging are a consequence of losing energy, or "qi," and "essence" in the kidneys. In the context of TCM, this refers to both the kidney organ and the energy meridian. Since at least 200 BC, in the classic TCM text the Yellow Emperor's Classics, the kidneys are actively involved in the following physiological processes:

  • Brain function and development
  • Hearing
  • Bone structure and bone marrow function
  • Sexual and reproductive function
  • Urinary and bowel function


 Now, consider the list of common signs and symptoms of aging:

  • Loss of memory function
  • Ringing in the ears and loss of hearing
  • Bone and muscle pain and weakness, reduced skeletal density and increased fracture risk
  • Menopause and impotence
  • Incontinence

 Kidney organ and meridian health can play an ameliorating role in the signs and symptoms, as well as the process and pace of aging.


Astaxanthin: Anti-aging Antioxidant

 One powerful way to support and strengthen the kidneys and age more healthily and gracefully is with supplementation of antioxidants like astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a strong natural antioxidant that protects cells throughout the body, including the eyes and brain. It comes from lobster, salmon, krill, algae, red trout, crawfish, arctic shrimp, and crab. It boasts 6,000 times the strength of Vitamin C, 600 times the strength of CoQ10, 550 times the power of green tea catechins, and 75 times the strength of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Moreover, the natural version of this potent carotenoid, like that which Farlong Pharmaceutical provides, is between 20 and 50 times more powerful than the synthetic version of the same compound. 

 Other ways to improve kidney health and function as an anti-aging technique include the following:

  • Getting sufficient regular sleep
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Regularly engaging in physical activity
  • Using relaxation techniques like meditation to reduce anxiety and stress