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7 Tips to Get Back on Track After Holiday Indulgences

January 12, 2021

7 Tips to Get Back on Track After Holiday Indulgences

The holidays can be a magical time of forgetting responsibilities and thoroughly enjoying celebrating life with loved ones. After the party's over, however, you may find yourself paying the price for all those indulgences. To help yourself get back on track from all that, consider these seven suggestions:


1. Restore a healthy diet.

The most obvious step to recover from holiday indulgences is to return to a more normal, healthy, balanced, and stable diet. How to do that, in case that Christmas turkey coma already made you forget?

  • Grocery shop regularly, and eat more whole foods.
  • Eat out less, and cook meals at home more instead.
  • Consume fewer packaged and convenience foods.


2. Be more physically active.

Part of the holidays' indulgences is all the lazing around resting and relaxing, sleeping in, watching movies and sports, and hanging out with family and friends. To recover from all that lethargy and inactivity:


  • Take short walks.
  • Start a stretching, yoga, or exercise routine.
  • Begin a new enjoyable physical hobby like hiking, biking, boating, or dancing.


3. Get back into a healthy sleep routine.

The holidays can be detrimental on your sleep schedule. To resume a good, healthy sleeping habit:

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every night and morning.
  • Avoid screens shortly before or in bed.
  • Keep the bedroom suitably dark and free of light leaks.


4. Use natural cleaning products.

As you clean up after the holidays, avoid using cleansers made with toxic solvents. Inhaling chemical cleaners can be entirely counterproductive to your efforts to recover from holiday indulgences, exposing you to more significant health vulnerabilities instead. Natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar can work wonders.


5. Cut out indulgences.

None of those above suggestions for getting back on track after holiday indulgences will have any significant or lasting effect if you continue indulging after the holidays have concluded. That means it's time to put away all the:

  • Alcohol
  • Sweet treats and salty snacks
  • Overeating and stuffing yourself
  • Staying up too late and waking up too early or sleeping in too long


6. Detoxify your body

Once you rid yourself of indulgences, you can start cleansing and detoxifying your body more effectively and efficiently. To help get this process started, drink more water regularly, eat foods high in antioxidants like colorful fruits and vegetables, and eat probiotics like yogurt.


7. Cleanse your colon.

One other powerful way to detoxify your body is with a healthy colon cleanse. Farlong Pharmaceutical offers just that in its bloating supplement InnerPure Colon Detox, containing a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients used throughout the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and known to support healthy digestive function and bowel movements.


A new year is the perfect time to start (or restart) healthy habits for a productive and well year.