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6 Hacks for a Healthier Spring

March 13, 2020

6 Hacks for a Healthier Spring

As the snow gives way to rain, the clouds to sunshine, and the birds start flocking home again; you know spring is on the way. And with the start of every new spring season comes another new opportunity to take several bold, fun and exciting steps towards being a better, happier, healthier you and living a fuller, richer, healthier life. To those ends, we offer these six hacks for making your spring the start of a whole new season of health and wellness for you. 


  1. Clear That Clutter


 Spring cleaning is no misnomer. It's called that because springtime is the perfect time to unseal those windows, crack open those doors and let all that stale air and dust that accumulated over the winter out and let all that fresh, new spring air in. Start, of course, with the most actively lived-in areas of your home, like your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Throw out or give away anything you come across that you haven't used all winter (unless it's specifically geared for one of the other seasons, like a barbecue mitt.) Clearing clutter from your home and reclaiming all that space can also help you clear your mind, cleanse your emotions and make that space more supportive of your best health and other goals, whether you're in that space or elsewhere. 


  1. Socialize


 An active social life is an essential part of a whole and healthy being, and wintertime is often the hardest time (perhaps with Christmas notwithstanding) to give yourself that necessary social engagement. Therefore, use the coming of spring as an opportunity to get out there and reconnect with the people you care about. The emotional boost from the camaraderie and kinship of others can help propel you toward taking other proactive steps toward your greater wellbeing. 


  1. Take Some Alone Time


 On the flip side, it's also essential to make sure you get some time to yourself regularly. If you live with others, then you know how hard this can be to achieve, especially during the winter. Springtime, however, offers you the opportunity to get that all-important time alone. Whether it's you or the people you live with getting out of the house for a few hours, the better weather allows you more choices in where to go to get some time away from others and collect your thoughts, clear your mind and reflect on what matters most to you. 


  1. Be Creative


 You don't have to consider yourself an artist to be creative. You don't even have to be an artist to paint or draw, nor do you have to sing on tune to sing. The fact is, everyone can benefit from regular creative activity in their lives, whether that's from dancing, knitting, planting a garden or building birdhouses. Creativity sparks the imagination and feeds the psyche in a way that other forms of activity simply don't accomplish. That's why some form of creative pursuit is essential for a fully healthy and well-rounded being. Springtime, in particular, is, in many ways, the most creative season, as it's associated with the burgeoning of new life. You can, therefore, capitalize on this prevailing energy and harness its force toward feeding your own soul's creative impulses. 


  1. Lose Weight


 Spring is the perfect time to start working on shedding that winter weight you gained over the previous season. Let the nicer weather motivate you to be more active, even go outside, and get some exercise. Let the sprouting of life everywhere inspire you to eat healthier and get on that diet you've been postponing. In addition, Farlong Pharmaceutical makes a powerful all-natural herbal supplement called InnerPure Weight Management supplement that you can add into your daily routine to enhance your weight loss efforts and improve results. It contains a proprietary blend of lotus leaf, American ginseng, rhubarb, bitter orange, and other detoxifying herbs. You can also use InnerPure as a bloating supplement to help reduce bloating and allow you to fit into that spiffy (and skimpy) new spring wardrobe. 


  1. Rejuvenate Your Skin


 Springtime is a time of refreshment and rejuvenation, which is why it only makes sense to use the oncoming of spring to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Farlong Pharmaceutical offers the Sylvapure Panax Notoginseng Refreshing Rejuvenating Mask for doing just that. Easy to use and made with only all-natural ingredients, the Sylvapure Mask makes of use of potent herbal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent notoginseng to reduce redness and swelling, eliminate blemishes and rashes and promote hydration, thereby also relieving and preventing cracking and peeling. The Sylvapure Notoginseng Mask can also help retain skin elasticity, keeping your skin looking young as you leap forward into the spring season.