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July 05, 2018




From June 29th to July 1st, the American TCM Society (ATCMS) held the 2018 International Acupuncture for Pain Forum (IAPF) and the First Advanced Training Course in Acupuncture for Pain at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in New York.

Farlong Pharmaceutical participated in the event, exhibiting the Yunnan Wenshan Sanqi powder, Notoginseng, LifeFlower, InnerPure, and other dozens of proprietary condition-specific traditional Chinese medicine formulas, and received the attention and praise from the practitioners. As a vertically-integrated company that actively supports the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Farlong Pharmaceutical is equipped with facilities and services such as herb cultivation farms, production research and development facilities, and terminal sales channels. Farlong provides raw materials including notoginseng and scutellarin, classic and proprietary TCM formulas, Full Spectrum concentrated TCM granules and herb dispensary services, US-patented dietary supplements and other product lines. With the products of the highest quality, Farlong is dedicated to meet the needs of TCM practitioners.

發龍藥業美國聯邦專利【活心素®Notogensing® U.S. Patent #6500468】養護心腦血管,消除胸痛,胸悶。

 Farlong® [Notogensing®] “cures for all blood related diseases”. It nourishes the heart, dilating arteries, clean the blood, lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower blood glucose, reproduce red blood cells, stop bleeding. Stops chest pain.

發龍藥業美國聯邦專利【燈盞素LifeFlower® Breviscapine U.S. Patent #6084080 】預防腦中風,增强記憶力,預防中老年癡呆

Farlong® [Lifeflower® | Breviscapine] increases blood flow in the brain, prevents stroke, improve memory, prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

發龍藥業美國聯邦專利【活心素®Notogensing®|燈盞素LifeFlower® Breviscapine】


Farlong [®InnerPure®, LiverPure] detoxifies the body rapidly. Relives constipation without any side effects.  Burns fat, reduces obesity, reduces acne, tonify the skin.