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10 Tips for Winter Runners

December 17, 2020

10 Tips for Winter Runners

 Maintain your running routine through the winter by following these 10 tips:


1. Arm Your Body

To protect yourself from the physical stresses of running, especially in winter weather, be sure to eat a nourishing meal or snack before you head out. Also, take a supplement to support healthy joints, like Farlong Pharmaceutical's Joint Ease with UC II.


2. Set an Incentive

An incentive can help motivate you to push through your resistance to running in cold, winter weather and stick to your commitment. Consider adding a destination to your run, such as stopping to visit a friend or grab a quick bite out.


3. Wear Appropriate Shoes

Your shoes need enough mesh for winter running to keep in the warmth and keep out the slush. Gore-tex or similar material on the uppers of the shoes provide added winter weather protection.


4. Dress Appropriately

The goal of dressing for a winter run is to keep yourself warm without causing you to sweat and catch a chill. To achieve this, dress as if the weather is a bit warmer outside by approximately 10 or 20 degrees. You should start your winter run feeling a bit cool, so you have room to warm up as you run.


5. Carry Water

Whether you sweat or not, the body loses water while you run, so it's essential to replace it with fresh water. To avoid dehydration, carry a water bottle with you and be sure to take frequent small sips from it throughout your run.


6. Warm-Up and Cool Down

Protect your muscles and joints by stretching lightly before and after you run.


7. Keep the Wind at Your Back

A breeze blowing at your face while you're sweating is a recipe for a chill. Instead, design your route, so you only spend brief periods running into the wind, if at all.


8. Watch Your Pace

It's more important than ever to pace yourself while running so you don't overexert yourself in extreme weather. Consider the effects of elevation on air quality too, and avoid pushing yourself too hard when the air is particularly thin.


9. Stay Seen

Protecting your personal safety while you run is critical, and one key to doing so is making sure others can see you. Ideally, run during daylight, but if you can't, at least be sure to wear bright, fluorescent and/or reflective clothing so cars and other vehicles can see you with their headlights.


10. Change Immediately After

As soon as you've finished running, get out of those sweaty clothes and into some fresh, clean ones, perhaps with a shower in-between.