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10 Tips for Improving Your Prostate Heath

April 20, 2021

10 Tips for Improving Your Prostate Heath

While you might not think about your prostate very often when you are younger, this gland's health tends to become increasingly important with age. In older men, the prostate tends to enlarge, leading to a range of different symptoms. Your risk of developing an infection called prostatitis and cancer also increases as you mature.


Due to the serious nature of prostate problems, you'll want to stay alert for these symptoms.

•frequent urge to urinate

•waking up in the middle of the night to urinate

•dribbling urine

•pain or burning during urination

•pain in the lower back, hips, or rectal area


If you experience these types of symptoms, you'll want to schedule a physical exam to rule out any problems. In the meantime, you can use these strategies to improve your prostate health.


Start Exercising Regularly

 Regular exercise has a wealth of benefits for the prostate. Engaging in frequent physical activity helps with weight management, and staying within your recommended range helps prevent some of the most common enlarged prostate symptoms. You'll also find that exercising helps boost your immune system, which can help you avoid prostate infections.


Watch Your Portions at Meals

 Portion control is another essential component of a weight management plan. Try to learn how much a normal serving is for your favorite foods, and stick to eating that amount. Consider splitting your meal into portions that you can take home to eat later if you go out to eat.


Limit Foods With High Sugar and Fat Content

 Food with high sugar and fat levels is linked to inflammation in your body that can worsen prostate symptoms. You'll also want to limit your consumption of unhealthy foods since they can lower your immune system and contribute to cancer development. If you do want to eat something sweet, then swap out a candy bar for a piece of fruit. Berries are a great source of antioxidants that are essential for cancer prevention.


Eat Prostate-Friendly Foods

 As with many health conditions, the food that you eat can improve your prostate's functioning. The best foods for prostate health contain high levels of omega fatty acids, such as avocados, nuts, and olives.

 Some foods are known for helping to stave off prostate cancer. Asian mushrooms, pomegranate juice, and tomatoes are just a few healthy foods for men that you might want to try adding to your plate.


Try Supplementing Your Diet

 Some foods are known for promoting better prostate health that you might not get in your normal diet. For example, saw palmetto berries are known for being a tonic that helps maintain men's general health. Supplements that contain an extract of this fruit can help to maintain the proper size of the prostate. It may also help regulate the body's use of the hormone testosterone that impacts men's prostate health.


Avoid Charred Meats

 That backyard barbecue might be one of your favorite ways to unwind on the weekend, but it could be detrimental to your prostate health. Meat cooked at high temperatures over an open fire can develop dangerous carcinogens that enter your body when you eat. Charred meat is particularly known for having high levels of carcinogens. If you do a cookout, try to avoid charring the meat by cooking it at a lower temperature for longer.


Lower Your Stress Levels

 Stress has a negative impact on the prostate in several different ways. Men often clench their pelvic muscles when they are stressed. Over time, this can lead to symptoms such as incontinence that impact the prostate. Tight pelvic floor muscles may also be linked to chronic prostatitis in some men. Prolonged stress wreaks havoc on your immune system and your muscles, which increases your risk for prostate illnesses. Try to take it easy and find ways to manage your stress. Paying attention to how you hold tension in your muscles can help you identify when you need to relax.


Drink More Tea

 Both green and black tea are filled with healthy antioxidants that promote better health for your prostate. The components in green tea can help to stop cancer from forming in the prostate at all. For men who already have prostate cancer, drinking green tea could slow down the progression until it is possible to treat the condition. While drinking tea is good, it is important to seek green and black tea that does not have caffeine. Too much caffeine can irritate the prostate and cause bladder-related symptoms that include pain and frequent urination. Men who are prone to incontinence may also notice that caffeine exacerbates their condition.


Get Healthy Amounts of Sunshine

 The average person needs about 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day to promote their body's production of vitamin D. This important vitamin helps with all of your body's functions, including preventing cancer. Although you should still apply sunscreen when you go outside, making it a priority to soak up a little sun can help keep your prostate cancer-free.


Schedule Prostate Cancer Screenings

 Men can receive prostate cancer screenings to help them identify issues earlier when they are easier to treat. If you have two or more relatives that have had prostate cancer, are African American or of Scandinavian descent, then you'll want to start your screenings around the age of 40. Otherwise, you can start once you turn 50. Naturally, you'll want to let your physical guide your decisions about when to begin these important screenings.


Farlong Pharmaceutical has a wide range of natural herbal supplements designed to support men's wellness. Saw palmetto berries have been used for centuries to promote better health and wellbeing. Supplementing your diet with the extracts of this fruit can work along with your other strategies to maintain your prostate health.