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10 Tips for a Healthy Start to Your New Year

January 07, 2021

10 Tips for a Healthy Start to Your New Year

As another year comes to a close and a new year rapidly approaches, the time has arrived once again to reassess your life, including your health, wellness, and happiness, and determine how you can best kick off your new year with a healthy start. Here are 10 suggestions for starting your new year with a healthier state of body and mind.


1. Eat Healthier

Forget about chronic or fad dieting. Instead, just commit to eating better in general. Your diet is a central component of your total health and wellness, and by making simple, small, committed improvements to your diet, you can vastly improve your health and vitality, not to mention weight management.


 2. Be More Active

Sitting around too much can have detrimental effects on your health. The more you need to sit out of necessity, such as for commuting or work, the more you must create intentional opportunities to move around to compensate.


 3. Sleep Better

Poor sleep habits can have dire impacts on weight management, heart health, and mood. By sleeping more regularly, you can help reduce anxiety and depression, avoid heart disease, and avoid needless weight gain.


4. Practice Self-Care

If you spend a lot of your life caring for others, it's even more critical you take some take for yourself too. What to do with that time?

  • Self-massage
  • Nature walk
  • Yoga or meditation
  • Nap
  • Read a book


 5. Leave the House

A vacation away from home and all your responsibilities is the ultimate "me-time." If a vacation isn’t possible at this time, consider taking a day off of work to recharge.


6. Get Outdoors

Connecting with nature helps you feel more connected, engaged, and, therefore, supported by your surroundings, your world, and all of life. Spending time outdoors can also relieve stress, elevate your mood, and restore blood pressure to more normal levels.


7. Restrict Screen Time

Studies have linked too much time spent staring at a screen with anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. Be sure to put away electronics before bed to have a better night's rest.


8. Eliminate Bad Habits

 Use less alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs.


9. Stay in the Moment

The past and the future are where anxiety occurs. The past has already happened, though, and it's already done and buried. Meanwhile, the future hasn't even been written yet, so why worry about it? Instead, just be present in the moment. Focus on what you can actually affect, which is whatever's going on right now.


10. Take Antioxidants

A health supplement with antioxidants like Astaxanthin by Farlong Pharmaceutical can help protect you from disease and early aging signs. It can also reduce joint pain and the effects of aging.


Taking any of these ten suggestions individually or in combination can help you get your new year off to a healthy start.