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10 Tips for A Healthy and Effective Detox

August 18, 2020

10 Tips for A Healthy and Effective Detox

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Besides simply quenching your thirst, drinking water and staying hydrated helps remove toxins from the body as well as lubricate the joints, improve digestion, and regulate body temperature. 


  1. Get Sufficient, Regular Sleep

You need sufficient sleep each night to refresh and rejuvenate your brain and support your natural detoxification mechanisms. It's during the night while you sleep that your body processes and removes much of the toxins it accumulates during the day.  


  1. Eat Less Sugar, Salt and Processed Foods

Sugar, salt, and processed foods all produce toxic byproducts known to cause obesity and linked to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Replace these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables and, not only do you reduce the amount of toxins you build up in your body, but the fiber and nutrients in fresh produce help to rid the body of the toxins already present in your body. 


  1. Eat More Foods High in Antioxidants

Foods high in antioxidants help combat the disease-causing free radicals produced by eating unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, and being exposed to pollutants. Such foods include fruits (especially berries) and vegetables (especially colorful ones) as well as coffee, cocoa, nuts, spices, and green tea. 


  1. Eat Foods High in Healthy Fiber

Healthy fiber helps your body eliminate waste, including toxins. Forms of healthy fiber include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 


  1. Restrict Your Alcohol Intake

The liver metabolizes 90% of the alcohol you drink, meaning that every sip of alcohol is a strain on the liver. What's more, when the liver metabolizes alcohol, it converts it to a chemical known to cause cancer. Though your liver generally converts this into harmless waste you eliminate, alcohol can cause inflammation, fat buildup, and scarring in the liver, making it work less efficiently.


  1. Increase Your Daily Activity Level

Staying active helps keep your organs operating efficiently and helps your body to process toxins and eliminate waste. 


  1. Use Natural Bath, Body and Cleaning Products

What you put on your skin and use to clean the surfaces in your home is as important for your detoxification efforts as what you put into your body. Avoid chemical agents your body will only have to process. 


  1. Cleanse and Detoxify

Every so often, cleanse and detoxify your body. Two easy ways to do this are with Farlong Pharmaceutical's InnerPure Lung Detox and InnerPure Colon Detox and 


  1. Shed Excess Weight and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Fat is where the body stores toxins. By getting rid of excess weight, you release the toxins that fat contained back into the bloodstream to be properly eliminated as waste. By maintaining a healthy weight, you prevent the accumulation of new toxins in fat stores.