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Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Mushrooms seem to be all over the news lately, and you can’t read very far without coming across health websites mentioning their benefits for healthy living. Although you’ll find many different types of mushrooms out in the wild, one of the most commonly used ones in supplements is cordyceps. Interestingly, this parasitic fungi isn’t just the latest trend. On top of being widely acclaimed in the modern health supplement field, it has also been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese medicine.

You’ll first want to know that cordyceps mushrooms aren’t like the other types. It’s actually a kind of fungus that grows on caterpillars and is closely related to mushrooms. Since it is primarily found in the high mountainous regions of China, it is often considered a prized ingredient in supplements in the western world. In the past, cordyceps mushrooms were given to people in the Chinese nobility. Today, you can enjoy their benefits by simply using them as an immune support supplement that helps to bring your body’s vascular and immune systems into better alignment.

Give Your Energy Levels a Boost

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In ancient Chinese folklore, cordyceps mushrooms were discovered by yak herders who noticed their yaks suddenly became more energetic after consuming them in the fields. Since then, modern studies have shown that they have the effect of increasing the body’s maximum oxygen intake, which explains why people and yaks might suddenly experience a burst of newfound energy.

Getting more oxygen into your bloodstream helps infuse your body’s organs with what they need to operate at their peak efficiency. Increased oxygen intake also helps you experience a higher sense of vitality, whether at rest or doing a major workout.

Improve Your Athletic Performance
Exercise is critical for supporting better heart health, but it can be hard to keep at it if you are experiencing low levels of oxygen in your body. With cordyceps mushrooms giving you an oxygen boost, you’ll find that you get less winded as you swim, run and bike your way to better health. This effect is most notable in older adults who may find that their respiratory function experiences a noticeable increase. If you’ve found yourself gasping for breath during your morning walk or jog, giving this heart health supplement a try may help you hit your fitness goals.

Help Your Body Adapt to Life’s Stressors
Cordyceps mushrooms fall into the category of adaptogenic herbs. This means that they adapt to your body’s specific needs. Since they can provide varying benefits depending upon your current state of health, they are perfect for people who are experiencing the following health conditions:

  • autoimmune disorders
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis

Ease the Frustrations of Aging

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You don’t have to accept that your energy levels and sex drive will wane as you age. Instead, you can give your body a fighting chance at maintaining your current stamina levels by utilizing the power-boosting effects of the cordyceps mushroom. On top of helping you to feel energetic, these anti-aging supplements can also help to reduce the damage from free radicals in your body that impact your cells. This can have the effect of helping you to maintain proper hormone levels for your age range, along with ensuring that your body has what it needs to fight off cellular changes that impact your skin health.

Boost Your Body’s Ability to Fight Off Cancer
Cordyceps mushrooms might also promote the body’s natural defenses against the formation of tumors. The mushroom extract has been shown to inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer cells that develop in the liver, colon, skin, and lungs. Although the cordyceps mushroom also needs to be used alongside other cancer prevention strategies, it may help to help reverse the side effects of certain treatments.

This benefit is believed to be caused by the mushroom stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body, which are sometimes accidentally destroyed by modern cancer treatments. A higher white blood cell count is associated with a better functioning immune system, which can help lower the risk of developing a dangerous infection during cancer care.

Keep Blood Sugar Levels In Check

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People with diabetes, or those working on preventing this condition, are often encouraged to monitor their blood sugar levels. While a healthy diet helps avoid having your blood sugar go too high or low, it is worth exploring multiple ways to keep your levels within a desirable range.

Cordyceps mushrooms are believed to have properties that act as insulin does in the body. By acting this way, blood sugar levels are kept from getting too high. This also has the effect of helping you to maintain proper kidney functioning. Since people with diabetes may experience stress on their kidneys from having to filter out excess sugar from the bloodstream, keeping blood sugar levels low helps to reduce the strain on these vital organs.

Regulate Your Heart Rate
Maintaining kidney health also protects your heart by preventing toxins from accumulating in the bloodstream. Additionally, a well-functioning kidney reduces how hard your heart has to work to pump blood through its vascular system. On top of these effects, cordyceps mushrooms help to keep cholesterol levels lower, and this helps to reduce plaque accumulation in your veins and arteries, so that blood flow remains smoother.

Cordyceps mushrooms contain adenosine, a naturally occurring compound that has a protective effect on the heart. Adenosine is found in wild-caught fish such as salmon, along with nuts and seeds. However, getting enough of this critical compound can be challenging for people on special diets. Taking a supplement containing cordyceps mushrooms is an easy way to ensure you consume enough to protect your heart from damage.

Support Emotional Regulation
Your body’s overall health significantly impacts how you react to things that occur in your daily life. Cordyceps mushrooms help to improve the rate of oxygen flow to your brain, which impacts the release of hormones that significantly affect your mood. Feeling less sluggish and maintaining the proper release of hormones such as testosterone and dopamine in your body helps you to feel your best in every situation.

From waking up with a can-do attitude that helps you get started on your morning workout to going to bed with a state of relaxation that helps you rest, you’ll find that adding this immune support supplement to your daily regimen makes it possible to support your desire to move through life with greater happiness and physical comfort.

The cardiovascular system impacts your entire body and making sure that your blood flows freely helps you maintain your overall sense of youthfulness while also enjoying fewer health issues that can increase the speed of the aging process. Farlong manufactures our cardiovascular health supplement with special ingredients, including Cordyceps mushroom extract, which provides a natural method for boosting your immune system.

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