About Us

The Genesis of Farlong Nutraceutical

Unique, patentworthy formulas based on research.

In 1998, Farlong Nutraceutical was founded with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between nature and science. As we explored the vast landscape of natural supplements, we recognized a need for evidence-based, clinically-proven products that users can trust.

Our Pillars of Excellence


With rigorous clinical trials, we unravel the truth behind supplement function claims, ensuring transparency and trust.


Innovation meets science as we craft patent formulas for effective and safe supplements.


Our dedication to purity and efficacy leads us to source only the finest, clinically-proven ingredients.


Empowering our clients is paramount. We offer educational opportunities to harness the power of supplements, from formulation to clinical trials.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the global benchmark in supplement research, formulation, and education.


By harnessing nature's potential through science, we aim to deliver trusted, effective, and innovative solutions for health and wellness.

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